• now with 666% more evil than the competitors

  • fixed A4000T mainboard SCSI support

  • added missing execute protection flags for 68k monitor drivers

  • added missing #?Monitor prefs files for 68k monitor drivers


  • problems with more than 128MB of memory were fixed

  • added drivers for PicassoIV, CyberVision64 & CyberVision3D

  • updated hal.com1, in order to enable proper CV3D support

  • updated RegTool

  • added another experimental version of 4IDE support

  • added Hungarian locale settings


  • updated documentation

  • new 800x600@60Hz default boot screenmode

  • updated Voodoo 2D drivers

  • Voodoo 3D driver added

  • 56kHz paula audio is enabled now

  • missing TrueType font added, fixes slowdown problems with default MUI configuration

  • compatible 68k 680x0 libraries added

  • revolutionary lowlevel.library (as it's mainly untested, please use the CBM 68k version if it does not work for you)


  • first MorphOS Free Edition release