On this page, you will find information about the free edition of MorphOS 1.4.5 for Commodore A1200, A3000 and A4000 computers equipped with PowerPC accelerator cards by phase5 & DCE. We suggest to read it carefully in order make the installation as easy as possible.

Please note that the MorphOS Development Team does not provide any form of end user support for the free PowerUP version. You may use the forums at MorphZone.org to discuss any problems that you might encounter.

Information about the most recent improvements of the MorphOS Free Edition can be found in the Change Log.

  Amiga 4000(T) with CyberStormPPC
  Amiga 3000 with CyberStormPPC
  Amiga 1200 with BlizzardPPC
  Grex PCI slots

Graphics Cards
  Voodoo 3 / 4 / 5 (with GRex)
  SiS6326 and SiS305 (with GRex)
  Permedia2 & Permedia2V (either BVisionPPC, CyberVisionPPC or GRex)
  CyberVision 64/3D(68K driver)
  CyberVision 64(68K driver)
  Picasso IV(68K driver)
AGA chipset is not supported.

I/O Chips
  Symbios770 (as used on the CyberstormPPC)
  Symbios710 (as used on the BlizzardPPC, A4091 & A4000T)
  A1200, A4000 and A4000T IDE


If you find the free edition of MorphOS 1.4.5 to be useful and have successfully registered your copy, you might consider donating to the MorphOS PayPal account in order to encourage future support of old Commodore legacy hardware.

How do I boot MorphOS from a CD?

1. Insert the CD, copy the Boot/ directory to a normal partition
2. Do a hardreboot or powercycle the machine so that all resident modules including a softkicked ROM are flushed (you must NOT use blizkick or similar tools before booting MorphOS!)
3. Boot with no startup sequence and type something like... (Click image below for the exact boot command.)


Harddisk Installation

Create a bootable partition and copy all the files from the CD to it. Now launch a text editor and read the instructions in partition:s/startup-sequence to tweak it to meet your needs. The partition may have a low boot priority - remember to set the
bootdevice option in that case! It is better not to set the MorphOS partition as your default boot partition on the initial install. In order to boot, go to the early startup menu and boot from the MorphOS partition.


Limitations and Registration

MorphOS 1.4.5 PowerUP edition is limited to 2 hours per session. After that period it will slow down considerably.

If you would like to remove this limitation, install and configure a network stack. Then,  launch the RegTool utility found in the root directory of your MorphOS partition.